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The School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS), with Prof. Solomon Oyetade as the Dean, is as old as the Institute itself. It derives its mandate from the Act establishing the Institute as a veritable avenue for the teaching and learning of Nigerian languages, regardless of their status, whether major or non-major, for national integration and unity.

The SPS offers specialized service in linguistic studies to the public and private sectors. Its activities encompass, but are not limited to research into Nigerian languages, language documentation, design of orthographies for unwritten Nigerian languages, text-book production, etc.

The following are the specific courses available in the School:

Postgraduate Diploma in Translation

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

*Postgraduate Conversion Programme

Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies

Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics

PGDL – Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Science

*Postgraduate Conversion Programme is meant specially for graduates of other disciplines, including the sciences, who have no previous knowledge in Language and Linguistics, but have to be native speakers of the language of their choice.

The Postgraduate courses offer broad perspectives on Linguistics and specific Nigerian languages and are intended to provide a valuable preparation for careers in the public service, teaching and research, trade, journalism, broadcasting, creative writing, etc.

The Postgraduate School is staffed with qualified and experienced academics in the various disciplines.

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