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The National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN) is an Inter-University Centre for research in, and development of, Nigerian Language Studies. It is a unique and specialized tertiary educational institution that runs a range of programmes that no single institution in the country can handle. The Institute is an autonomous institution and Inter-University Centre under the regulation of the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Federal Ministry of Education. As the apex institution for research, teaching, documentation and coordination of studies in Nigerian languages, NINLAN is a Centre of Excellence and active teaching and learning centre for the study of Nigerian languages.

NINLAN may be viewed as three institutions merged into one, in that it is by its Act mandated to offer degrees as the Universities do; it awards the NCE as the Colleges of Education do, and it awards the National Diploma as the Polytechnics do.

The National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN), Aba, was set up by Decree 117 of 30 December 1993 (now CAP N50 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004). The Federal Government’s decision to create the Institute was necessitated by the inability of university departments of languages to contribute substantially to the production of teachers of Nigerian languages, which left and still leaves a wide gap between the number of existing language teachers and actual number needed in the education system. Moreover, while colleges of education produce NCE teachers of Nigerian languages, very few of them have programmes on training L2 teachers. It is this gap that NINLAN primarily is filling.

NINLAN’s main campus occupies 209.5-hectare premises along Aba -Azumini Road, in the Ogbor Hill area of Aba. It also has a City Campus at No 53, New Umuahia Road, Ogbor Hill, Aba, where it operates Consultancy offices, Continuing Education Centre as well as Staff Schools.
The Main Campus is bounded on the northern side by the Aba River. The large expanse of land is, therefore, endowed with a rich ecosystem, making it a great attraction for cultural and eco-tourism investment.


To make Nigeria a model multilingualcountry where every indigenous language is developed, spoken, written, used as a vehicle for literary, educational, technological and cultural advancement and national unity, and preserved for posterity.


To produce enough teachers of Nigerian languages by training language teachers under the Institute’s Degree, NCE and Diploma programmes;

To make Nigerian languages science and technology-oriented by running academic programmes that combine sciences with indigenous languages leading to the award of NCE and Diploma;

To make the Institute the primary reference point in any need for translation of national, government or other institutional publications, programmes or projects into Nigerian languages;

To leverage the Institute’s Graduate Conversion Programme to equip more graduates of disciplines outside Nigerian languages to become qualified and skilled teachers of Nigerian languages and thereby increase the number of indigenous language teachers in most states of the country;

To serve as International and National Centre for Research in and Development of Nigerian Languages for the benefit of International Organizations, Embassies and National bodies;

To house and operate within the Institute’s vast campus a vibrant Acculturation Centre and Language Villages/Cultural Centres in respect of the various indigenous languages/cultures – with prospects for linguistic and cultural tourism;

To be a visible Advocacy Organ for the promotion, preservation and survival of Nigeria’s indigenous languages and reversal of language endangerment;

To have accurate documentation of all Nigerian languages and develop standard orthographies for them;

To bring and keep Nigerian languages up to speed with digital and Nano technological advancements in all fields of communication;

To push Nigerian languages into the ICT age for greater viability, spread and longevity;

To establish an archive for Nigerian languages and cultural artifacts.


National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN),

Along Aba-Azumini Road, off Ogbor Hill,
P.M.B 7078, Aba – Abia State
Email: info@ninlan.edu.ng


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