Japhet Ajani, B. Arts (EKSU); M. Arts (UI)

ajaniJaphet Ajani, B. Arts (EKSU); M. Arts (UI)

Japhet Ajani has a Master and a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Linguistics from the University of Ibadan (2015) and the Ekiti State University (2011) respectively. His Master’s thesis was on Acoustics analysis of glide formation in Emai.

His research interests, which include investigations in phonetic-phonology interfaces, phonetics, phonology, and sociophonetics, have given him enviable opportunities to teach and research in some African languages at the Department of Linguistics and African languages, University of Ibadan.

He has also worked on a Yoruba speech synthesis project at a language engineering firm in Ibadan. He has trainings in Second language teaching and research.

He is currently an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages of the School of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages at NINLAN where he teaches phonetics and morphology. He is a member of the Linguistics Association of Nigeria. He loves playing soccer, reading and writing.

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