NCE Programmes

NINLAN offers the following combinations for NCE Programmes

  1. Hausa/Education
  2. Igbo /Education
  3. Yoruba /Education
  4. Fulfulde /Education
  5. Kanuri /Education
  6. Tiv/Education
  7. Urhobo/Education
  8. French Education /Nigerian Language
  9. Efik/Ibibio /Education
  10. General Education /Nigerian Languague
  11. Primary Education /Nigerian Language
  12. Business Education /Nigerian Language
  13. Early Childhood Care Education /Nigerian Language
  14. Social Studies Education /Nigerian Language
  15. English Language Education /Nigerian Language
  16. Mathematics Education /Nigerian Language
  17. Computer Education /Nigerian Language
  18. Biology Education /Nigerian Language
  19. Agricultural Education /Nigerian Language
  20. CRK Education /Nigerian Language

    * Any Other Possible Combinations

Application Procedures
Application forms are obtained from the Admissions Office at the Permanent Site along Opobo-Azumini Road, Ovom, Aba, on a payment of five thousand naira (N5,000.00) in Bank Draft made payable to the National Institute for Nigerian Languages, Aba.

Form Submission
Completed application forms with evidence of payment are to be submitted to the Admissions Office of the Institute at the Permanent Site.



Infrastructure Developments

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Strategic Vision Of The Executive Director

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