The Library


Mrs. Ikoro Francisca(BLS, MLS, PGDE,PHD in viewThe scope of the NINLAN library Collection covers every work written in or about Nigerian Languages – major and non-major. The legal depository right helps to ensure that this is achieved.

From the objectives and functions of the Institute (Decree 117, A. 1589 (2 a & b); A. 1591 (7a-i) NINLAN should be producing teachers in all Nigerian Languages both in L₁ and L₂ at Certificate, Diploma and degree levels. The Decree even allows the academic work to exceed first degree. The NINLAN Library, therefore, serves all these levels of academic programs by making available for their use any material they require both in print and in non-print form.

The NINLAN Library also holds books in all areas of theoretical Linguistics, African Linguistics and Nigerian Linguistics. Inclusive in the holdings are Nigerian Language books on Grammar, Dictionaries, all genres of Oral and Written Literature, books on criticism, Stylistics, Language Education, Translation, Communication and general Education books.

The Institute is a Centre for the exchange of information in the Study of Nigerian Languages and a Research Centre in the teaching and learning of Nigerian Languages.

Furthermore the Institute is expected “to compile, assemble and publish the results of researches into Nigerian Language Studies and make popular those findings where their general recognition in the opinion of the Institute is of importance to Nigerian Language.”

Copies of those findings are among the NINLAN Library collection.
The Library extends its services to Inter Library borrowings for users, referrals to other Libraries and Individuals that have works that should serve their needs, producing and making available to users bibliographies on Nigerian Languages.

The Documentation Unit of the Library takes care of the audio-visual materials, computerized bibliographic recordings and computerized Information retrieval system. In the Documentation Unit, books that are out of print and in print are available for users.

As approved by the Decree, NINLAN and its Library should undertake publishing and book sales and liaise constantly with the National Educational Research and Development Council in respect of book publishing. Those publications automatically form part of the Library stock for the Library users.




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