The ICT Center

Directorate of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)

The Directorate of Information Communications Technology (DICT) currently referred to as ICT CENTRE responsible for piloting, developing and the realization of ICT plan for the Institute. Staff of the Directorate participate and represent the Institute in all vital ICT programmes or initiatives. The Directorate works with other arms of the Institute to proffer ICT solutions to the institute community.

Our Objectives

·        To undertake various data processing needs of the institute

·        Promoting staff development programme to ensure that ICT staff continue to acquire the necessary skills that enable  provide high quality teaching and learning service support.

·        Advising the Institute on acquisition  of ICT resources and  related issues

·        Training end-user on computer literacy  and giving end-users computing support.

·        Developing, planning and maintaining ICT infrastructures within the Institute.


Our operational plan

The DICT offers various range of ICT services to the Institute in order to maintain the ICT infrastructure and provide the needed services in the Institute.




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